The library building has a rectangular base and is structured around an inner courtyard that was mostly covered with a roof and turned into an exhibition venue during the renovation in 1986. The central part of the gallery venue features a mosaic floor known as the Prizren Mosaic, a unique work of art created by the artist Aleksandar Tomašević.

The Atrium Gallery opened in 1987. It hosts collective and solo exhibitions of works of the fine art of renowned international and national artists. In addition to fine arts exhibitions, the Gallery organizes literary and anniversary exhibitions.

Many famous artists have exhibited their works in the Gallery, such as Milan Konjović, Olja Ivanjicki, Vasa Pomorišac, Jugoslav Vlahović, Milan Stašević, Slobodan Sotirov, Cvetko Lainović, Petar Omčikus, Ljuba Popović, Milorad Bata Mihailović, Radomir Reljić, Milan Cile Marinković, and Vladimir Veličković.

The art program of the Atrium Gallery fosters creativity in various fields and media of contemporary visual art. Eminent art experts, members of the Gallery’s Art Council, whose president is Dr Vladimir Simić, contribute to the quality of the exhibition activity.