011 – Momo Kapor: 2021

Author of the exhibition:

Bojan Kundačina

Exhibition design:

Snežana Rajković

In cooperation with the "Momčilo Momo Kapor" endowment, the Belgrade City Library organized an exhibition, as part of the Days of Belgrade 2021 event and on the occasion of the 11th anniversary of his death, dedicated to the Serbian writer and painter Momo Kapor.

Combining the two arts that Momo Kapor was engaged in, literature and drawing, a story about Belgrade was told with their help. Using Moma Kapor’s texts and drawings and playing with them, the story begins and ends in Knez Mihailova Street, on the former “štrafta” or corso, and tells about what makes Belgrade: rivers, sky and people. Belgrade is changing, like all cities, and is waiting for each of us to find our own corner and street and to create poetry from them.


The exhibition is bilingual, in Serbian and English.


There is no better guide through Belgrade than Moma Kapor, through its history, streets, everyday life and the characteristics of the people of Belgrade. 011 is the area code for Belgrade and its symbol, and Momo Kapor is a unique number that invites us to discover Belgrade. When you dial the number 011/Momo-Kapor, everyone on the other end of the line will hear Belgrade – someone will talk about the rivers Sava and Danube, someone about the arrival of spring and happiness, and sometimes they will just gossip about someone, like all Belgraders.


The hopscotch symbolises Moma Kapor’s art, a simple children’s game on the city’s sidewalk. The exhibition consists of 11 panels representing 11 squares of the school that lead the viewer to the end of the school, to the oval arch, i.e. Belgrade. After passing all the hopscotch squares, you should go out and find your own Belgrade.


The exhibition can be viewed here.

The catalogue can be viewed here.