AccessIT – staff training, digitization of the local history collection and uploading content to the Europeana

The international projects AccessIT – Accelerate the circulation of culture through the exchange of skills in information technology (2009-2011) and AccessIT Plus (2011-2013) were realized with the support of the European Commission, within the Culture 2007-2013 program. They consisted of staff training, digitization of the local history collection and uploading content to the European Digital Library (Europeana).

The projects provided a unique training package (courses) for the training of experts from smaller, local cultural institutions – heritage institutions from Albania, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Serbia for the digitization of library, archive and museum holdings. In order to make the courses available to the broadest professional public, they were created on the Moodle platform and are available online on the server of the electronic classroom of the National Library of Serbia. The first course, “Digital repositories for small heritage institutions” is intended for everyone who wants to deal with digitization and explains in a simple way all the steps that need to be taken to find a collection in digital form. The second course, “Cooperation with Europeana” is intended for all those who have been dealing with digitization for a long time and want to enable the availability of digitized content of their institution through Europeana.

As part of the project, BCL started digitizing its old and rare materials collection and built its first digital library on the dLibra platform.

BCL implemented the first project with four other partners from England, Turkey, Greece and Poland. In contrast, the second project included libraries from Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Albania, namely: the Rijeka City Library, the National and University Library from Banja Luka, the National and University Library from Tuzla and the City Library from Skadar. The project coordinator was MDR Partners from London.


Project value: 140,000.00 dinars for the first and 400,000.00 dinars for the second
Realization period: 2009-2011 and 2011-2013
Donor: European Union (Culture 2007-2013)