DIGIBLEND – Improving Adult Digital Literacy Through Innovative Gamified Blended Learning

The project “Improving Adult Digital Literacy Through Innovative Gamified Blended Learning” is implemented within the ERASMUS + European Commission programme in the field of strategic partnerships in adult education. The project coordinator is the German organization RegioVision GmbH Schwerin. The project consortium consists of ten organizations and institutions from eight countries – Germany, Italy, Latvia, Serbia, Ireland, Slovenia, Turkey and Spain.

The project’s main goal is to develop digital skills in adults and older people (with a focus on individuals above 55 years of age) by learning through playing games and implementing the so-called blended learning (a combination of analogue and digital/online education). The following specific objectives will be achieved through the project:

  1. detailed and objective knowledge of existing digital skills of older adults
  2. a working model for the assessment of digital skills
  3. a working model for the use of game-based blended training of digital skills
  4. guidelines for the development and implementation of game-based assessment and training
  5. better digital inclusion of older adults in the labour market and society
  6. a better acceptance of games as an educational method in the educational community and among adult learners

The target groups for the project are: 1) adults, especially those older than 55 years, and 2) all people engaged in the formal and informal education of adults/older people.

The most important project outcomes will be:

  1. game-based assessment of existing digital skills.
  2. game-based blended training for acquiring digital skills in adults.
  3. guidelines coaches/educators for the development and implementation of assessment and training.

Project value: 345.131,00 EUR
Realization period: 30 months, November 1, 2021 - April 30, 2024
Donor: European Union (Erasmus+ programme)