Fortress of culture – cultural and artistic programs on Kalemegdan

The project consisted of a mini book fair and a series of literary and musical programs realized during the summer of 2006 at Kalemegdan. It was realized through the partnership of BCL with Public Enterprise Belgrade Fortress and publishing house Narodna knjiga, and in cooperation with the Faculty of Music and the Faculty of Fine Arts.

The book fair was attended by roughly 40 Belgrade publishers who had sales exhibitions of books at special stands placed along the main path of the Kalemegdan promenade. The booths were placed in small white tents, which contributed to a fairy-tale appearance of the entire space. Anyone who bought a book at this fair received a voucher for obtaining a library membership card at a discounted price.

Cultural programs were held every day for the duration of the project. The library organized a series of guitar and accordion concerts by students of the Faculty of Music and the Faculty of Fine Arts, chamber and jazz concerts. Also, several poetry evenings where over 20 eminent poets, mainly from Belgrade, recited their poetry. Public Enterprise Belgrade Fortress also organized a series of so-called promenade concerts, where the groups Svitanje, Belo platno, Belgrade Dixieland Orchestra, Vladimir Protić Quartet, Yoculatores, Shira u’tfila, Piccolo Orchestra, Belgrade Police Orchestra performed.

The goals of the project were:

  • popularization of culture and contribution to the capital’s summer programs;
  • popularizing the book and striving for its availability through fair discounts;
  • promoting BCL as one of the most important cultural institutions;
  • raising the quality of the overall cultural life of the capital.


Project value: 1,000,000.00 dinars
Realization period: 2006