Library on the beach – promotion of books, culture and art on Ada Ciganlija

During the summer of 2005, BCL decided to go outside its walls and, on that occasion, realized a project on Ada Ciganlija called Library on the beach. The project consisted of the following activities:

  • setting up a library desk with books on Ada Ciganlija;
  • obtaining a BCL membership card on Ada with a summer discount of 50% and a gift;
  • organizing cultural programs for children and adults every Wednesday and Friday in cooperation with writers, actors, and publishers (workshops, plays, music, quizzes, competitions, etc.);
  • distribution of advertising material (t-shirts, caps, pens, etc.) to every new member of the Library;
  • organizing a book sales exhibition in cooperation with Narodna knjiga and ten other publishers.


Objectives of the project:

  • promotion of BCL as an active participant in summer cultural events in the capital;
  • increasing the number of new Library members;
  • cultural mission to promote the book.


BCL implemented this project in partnership with Public Utility Enterprise Ada Ciganlija, eleven Belgrade publishing houses, several music, dance and theatre groups and the Coca-Cola company.

Project value: 900,000.00 dinars
Realization period: 2005