What to read – the first Serbian library portal for book recommendations

As part of the project, a portal called “What to read” was built for recommendations of books to read. The project’s mission was: the “Creation of the first Serbian service for recommendations for books to read, a unique national library service that strengthens the love of reading and forms a good reading taste”.

The What to read online service intends not to be elitist, to promote only the so-called high literature, but to highlight the best books in all literary types and genres. In this sense, the portal is created for all who are looking for something good in the sea of ​​literature.

On the portal, visitors/readers can choose books to read published in the Serbian language (whether translated or originally written in Serbian), as well as express their own opinion about the books they have read through comments.

More than 30 public libraries throughout Serbia are involved in the work of the portal, while about 40 renowned librarians write recommendations.


Project website: http://stadacitam.rs

Project value: 600,000.00 dinars
Realization period: 2017
Donor: Ministry of Culture and Information