Once upon a time there was a “laf”: Dušan Radović: 2014

Author of the exhibition:

Olga Krasić Marjanović, Vladislava Ivković Marković, Violeta Đorđević

Exhibition design:

Snežana Rajković

Exhibition dedicated to the life and work of Duško Radović

The exhibition was organized in the gallery of the Belgrade City Library in November 2014. The exhibition presents the most important moments of Dušan Radović’s life and work, from Niš and Subotica to Belgrade, through extensive documentary material. The professional career of one of the most famous children’s poets and excellent aphorists ranged from working in the children’s magazine “Pionir” editorial office in post-war Belgrade through Radio Belgrade, and TV Belgrade to Studio B.


Well-known songs and collections were created – “Bio jednom jedan Laf“, “Poštovana deco” to the radio drama “Kapetan Džon Piplfoks” and the cult TV show “Na slovo na slovo”.


Views on the poet’s creativity and children’s literature are presented through several portraits and excerpts from interviews.


The so-called applied creativity of Dušan Radović is presented in the exhibition’s second part. These are primarily texts written for TV shows: “TV kuvarice” and “Ženski razgovori“.


The exhibition can be viewed here.

The catalogue can be viewed here.