Acquisition of a scanner for digitizing large-format publications

The project’s main idea was to improve the development of the Digital BCL by providing conditions for the digitization of book and non-book materials in large format. Accordingly, the basis of the project was the acquisition of a suitable scanner that enables the scanning of materials up to A2+ format. The implementation of the project made it possible to digitize extensive valuable materials of a larger format from the Periodicals Department and the Department of Old and Rare Books and Books on Belgrade, which until then could not be digitized due to the lack of an adequate scanner.

As part of the project, a Bookeye 4 V2 Kiosk scanner ( ?page=ScannersBE4-SGS-V2Kiosk) from the German company Image Access was purchased. It is being used in the Periodicals Department (Studentski trg 17). The employees were trained to work on the scanner, and the continuous scanning of large-format materials began. First, the first five years (1926-1930) of the periodical publication “Nedeljne ilustracije”, a newspaper published from January 7, 1925 to April 6, 1941, were scanned, processed and uploaded to the Digital BCL website. This periodical publication is essential for studying Serbian history, architecture, theatre and film art, literature, military science and diplomacy, and fashion society in general, with “illustrations” of times and events between the two world wars in Yugoslavia.

Project value: 2,000,000.00 dinars
Realization period: 2017
Donor: Ministry of Culture and Information of the Republic of Serbia