Come on! Poetry! – International Belgrade Festival of Poetry and Books

For many years, BCL participated as a partner in the realisation of the International Belgrade Festival of Poetry and Books – Come on! Poetry! (Trgni se! Poezija!). The festival’s organiser is the organisation for promoting poetry, literature, art and reading culture Treći Trg.

The festival was founded in 2007 to affirm contemporary poetry in Serbia and bring poetry closer to the broadest audience. It stands for the promotion of the highest artistic values, young artists, interest in the culture of others, humane attitude towards people and the city, freedom of thought, speech and creative expression, and inclusion of people with disabilities and sensitive social groups.

So far, more than 200 distinguished poets from over 25 countries in Europe and the world have participated in the festival. Participants of the festival are also translators, literary critics, fine, visual, multimedia and other artists whose works are inspired by poetry.

Festival website:

Realization period: 2007-2018