Come through the night, through a dream – innovative promotion of poetry among children and young people

The project was declared the best library project from 2006 to 2009 on Biblionet 2009. It was realised in partnership with Telekom Srbija.

On the occasion of International Children’s Book Day (April 2), the Children’s Department “Čika Jova Zmaj” in cooperation with libraries in other cities of Serbia, organised the action “Come through the night, through the dream”, in which children sent verses, i.e. short poems (up to 160 characters) via mobile phones (as SMS messages) and thereby competed for valuable prizes from Telekom Serbia. The texts were automatically directed to the BCL website and thus became publicly visible.

The best verses were decided by a jury composed of Igor Kolarov, Uroš Petrović and Jasminka Petrović. The awards were presented on International Children’s Book Day on the premises of the Children’s Department “Čika Jova Zmaj”.

The action aimed to get children interested in poetry in a modern and interesting way.

Project value: 120,000.00 dinars
Realization period: 2009
Donor: Telekom Serbia