Touchable heritage – an innovative presentation of cultural heritage from the BCL’s collection

As part of the Touchable Heritage project, valuable old and rare monographic and periodical publications from the BCL’s digital collection are presented and promoted in a state-of-the-art manner, as practised only by renowned world libraries – through an interactive presentation kiosk with a large touchscreen screen.

With the support of the Ministry of Culture and Information, a presentation kiosk, a special computer and software for presenting digital materials were purchased. A presentation of 56 representative titles was made, among which there are also: Minej praznični (Sabornik), Venecija, 1536-1538, edition by Božidara Vukovića; Četvorojevanđelje, Beograd, 1552, edition by Radiša Dmitrović and Trojan Gundulić, Vorfälle des Krieges zwischen den beyden hohen alliirten Kaiserlichen Höfen und der Hohen Pforte vom 1787sten Jahre und folgende Zeiten. [Citau] : Neumann, 1788: Donau-Album. – Wien, Pest, Leipzig : A. Hartleben’s Verlag, S.A.: Novine čitališta beogradskog (1847), Beogradske ilustrovane novine (1866); Srpkinja. – Irig: Dobrotvorna zadruga Srpkinja u Irigu, 1913; Nedeljne ilustracije (1926-1930); Die Strassenbrücke König Alexander I über die Save zwischen Belgrad und Zemun / Mirko Roš. – Zürich, 1940; Plan grada Beograda = Plan der Stadt Beograd / P.E. Navojev. – Beograd: Četroglas, 1943., etc.

The presentation via touchscreen screen allows users to easily (with a finger) select the digitized publication they are interested in and view it in a large format. This attractive way of promoting cultural heritage, following the expectations of modern users and with the help of modern technological tools, makes the cultural treasure that our cultural institution possesses more visible.

The number of publications that users will be able to view via touchscreen screens will increase over time, as other valuable materials that will be digitized in BCL will also be promoted in this way.

Project value: 950,000.00 dinars
Realization period: 2018
Donor: Ministry of Culture and Information of the Republic of Serbia