Roman Hall

The Roman Hall is a unique venue with an in situ archaeological site and a lapidarium displaying exhibits such as statues, altars, stelae and other 2nd to 4th-century AD stone sculptures and ceramics originating from the Singidunum area and the Danube Basin in the Roman province of Upper Moesia.

During the 1983-1986 renovation of the building, remains of an even older structure were discovered due to the lowering of the level of the basement floor. Archaeologists found that the remains were actually parts of a ramparts foundation and the main gate tower of a Roman fort located in the Upper Town of Belgrade Fortress. As a result of that important discovery, modifications were made to the design, and the Library got the Roman Hall intended for staging public events instead of a book depository. Since 1986 the Roman Hall has been a place for holding numerous public events such as book promotions, literary gatherings, lectures, concerts and movie and theatre performances.